The effect of installing EAS system for traditional stores and supermarkets

With the boosting of the science and technology, the traditional approaches of antitheft for supermarkets and supermalls have been out of date for some unconceivable stealing ways, while, the Application for high-tech EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system have been more and more popular in Retailing markets. Actually, compared with the traditional anti-shoplifting ways, the rising of the EAS techs mainly derive itself 5 more exceptional merits in addition of the basic Antitheft function.

Firstly, the antishoplifting function (the basic one, also the dominant one)

The EAS system have thoroughly changed the traditional antitheft methods as “man to man”, “man on goods”, it gives the merchandise the self-defense capability to all criminals and set all guards onto each article which can almost provide 100% theft prevention solution.

Secondly, Simplification of Management

EAS theft prevention system can effectively simplify the works and tasks for employees and apparently enhance all of the work efficiency.

Thirdly, ameliorate the environment of the boutique store

The tradition management way for clothing store like “man to man” will give the customer a kind of restrain feeling when shopping, while with the EAS system installation, it will create a more flexible and kindly warm atmosphere for customers.

Fourth, Deterrent function for criminals

EAS system can prevent the antishoplifting deeds forcefully and politely so as to avoid more unnecessary disputes caused by personal factors. In this way, it not only shows respect to the human rights but also defend the right interest of the clothing store. The EAS system will give the theft great psychological deterrence so that force them to give up the bad thoughts.

Fifth, beautify the ambient decor.

The EAS system open-frame design preserves store aesthetics, while its sleek, high-quality acrylic construction has the right look for virtually any retail setting.