The choice of anti-theft Security Tags for retail stores

EAS Tags:

Like eas labels, tags also have an essential role in the system of Electronic Article Surveillance. In this article, I have mentioned something about eas tag which is otherwise called as hard tags. I am damn sure that each and everyone have seen these tags and may not know that this is called tags. You can see this attached to the new clothes and garments you buy. Yes, the thing which strikes your mind is precisely called EAS Tags. You have noted that those tags would be removed by the shop staff when you pay the bill. This can be removed only with a special detacher. In the garments with the help of a pin, hard tags are attached.

Ink EAS Tags:

You can also find some other types of tags like they would contain cartridges that are filled with ink. When you try to get it, the ink will stain the garment, and it is hard to remove the stain because it stains permanently, Ink tags are mainly used in clothing stores.This would prevent people from stealing it. Around the neck of the bottle, the tags are designed to fit. Labels are different from cards, and shopkeepers would use a special pad to detach the consigned item. Another type of ticket is called self-alarming tags. This is quite a common one. When a person tries to tamper the product, then it would produce an alarm like any other common tags. This would make noise from wherever the person attempts to tamper it.

Wire Tags:

The next EAS Tag is also a normal one, and you have seen this all over many shops. The products are attached to the tag by using wires, and the product is completely wrapped. When anyone tries to cut the tag wire, then the alarm would make noise. Even when it is removed outside of the shops, this will alarm as it triggers its antenna. These types of tags are used to protect high-quality products such as video games and also electronic items. This is why it is essential to use these EAS Tags in your shops.