Security Hard Tag Reasonable

Installed in the clothing, bags, living goods and other goods, for the purpose of anti-theft electronic label called anti-theft hard tags, nicknamed: anti-theft deduction, Hard Tag magnetic deduction, anti-theft deduction, clothing anti-theft deduction.

Genuine high-quality anti-theft buckle generally use the new ABS engineering plastics production, the naked eye looks beautiful and soft, hand touch better, Hard Tag no obvious impurities on the surface; quality times the anti-theft deduction is generally used to recover ABS plastic or stupid production, recycling ABS appearance brightness is not uniform, hand touch is relatively poor, the surface is often obvious impurities, Hard Tag change the stupid new material is more difficult to distinguish the appearance, Hard Tag but the stupid more brittle, easy to break.

Is the quality of excellent anti-theft buckle the use of pure copper wire winding system, the general use of plastic fiber line, the use of enamel enameled wire, Hard Tag sound and magnetic rods also use high quality, Hard Tag good electrical performance coil, Q high, cut After the core of the light to reflect the light is copper; quality of the general use of copper clad aluminum coil production, poor electrical performance, Q value is low, cut the core after the light reflection is the outer ring copper, the center of white.

High quality anti-theft buckle alarm detection rate is high, the use of the label damage rate is very low; quality alarm detection rate is low, Hard Tag because the aluminum is more brittle, Hard Tag easy to break, the damage rate is higher.

High quality cylinder generally use three-core cylinder structure, together with the hardness and design of a reasonable bowl and spring composition, generally need to go through the rust test, tensile test, spring strength test, tensile test, the tensile strength ≥ 48KG ; Quality of the lock core may be more than a test can not pass, tensile test may be less than 30KG, the general adult men will be able to pull it off.

Hard tags to adapt to the scope and placement methods, and we remind you supermarket anti-theft labels and supermarket anti-theft device with better use of Europe. Hard tags are mainly used for soft goods, Hard Tag such as textiles, bags, shoes and so on. In the case of

1. Textile goods, should be as much as possible the label of the nail through the clothing suture or buttonhole, pants thrust children, so that both the label does not affect the customer dressing. In the case of

2. For leather goods, Hard Tag label nails should be as far as possible from the buttonhole through, so as not to damage the leather. There is no buttonhole leather goods, available a special rope buckle sets in the leather goods on the ring, and then nail hard tags.

3. Footwear can be labeled nail through the buttonhole. Hard Tag If there is no buttonhole, you can choose a special hard label. In the case of

4. For some specific goods, such as shoes, bottled wine, glasses, etc., can use a special label or with a rope with a hard tag to protect. On the special label, you can understand to the manufacturers.

5. Hard labels on the goods placed on the site should be consistent, Hard Tag so that goods on the shelves seem neat and beautiful, but also facilitate the cashier to take the sign operation.