RFID System– security anti-counterfeiting technology

Aiming at the problem of counterfeiting in the commercial field, a new security anti-counterfeiting technology is developed and designed based on the characteristics of RFID, such as extensibility, flexibility and security, combined with the one-secret authentication mechanism, the initialization of reader and electronic tag, and the verification of electronic tag.

RFID anti-counterfeiting technology embed the microchip to products, using intelligent electronic tags to identify a variety of items, the label is produced according to the principle of RFID radio frequency identification, tags and readers exchange information through radio frequency signal , compared with the traditional bar code technology, RFID can save more time and manpower and material resources, reduce production cost, improve work efficiency, more and more people are consider it to be the replacement of bar code technology.

The unique and exclusive nature of anti – counterfeiting

For a long time, fake commodities endanger the vital interests of enterprises and consumers. To protect the interests of enterprises and consumers, a lot of manpower and financial resources are spent on anti-counterfeiting every year. Market, however, for the most part the anti-counterfeiting technology is still at the argument tage, such as: laser anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, magnetic anti-counterfeiting, temperature anti-counterfeiting, special printing is commonly used means of anti-counterfeiting technology, these technology for a period of a certain extent, played a security role, but so far the anti-counterfeiting technology is not perfect, the technology does not have unique and exclusive, easy to copy, so can’t play the role of real security. Compared with  other security technology such as laser security, digital security technology, advantages of Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) security are: each label has a global unique ID number – UID, UID is in the production of chips in ROM, it can not be modified and copied; No mechanical wear and tear, anti-fouling; The reader has the performance of guaranteeing its own security.

Not only that, a large number of research results also show that RFID anti-counterfeiting technology uses pseudo-random key and simple bit operation to realize the information exchange between reader and electronic tag, the algorithm complexity is low. In addition, the technology can effectively protect the authenticity of products, and can be applied to the anti-counterfeiting protection of gold, jewelry, featured books and other valuable articles in the circulation process, so it has great commercial promotion value and application value. In addition to security applications, RFID can also be combined with EAS security tags, so as to have the dual function of anti-counterfeiting and security.