Item name:EAS RF  System  RX-TX Antenna

Item NO.: EST-750 Dual

Composition: Anodized aluminum antenna+ metal base+ power supply

Detection range: 1.8M  RF lable(4*4)


Frequency: 8.2MHZ

Function: Anti-theft, loss prevention

Usage: anti-shoplifting,loss prevention for retail

Orgin: China

OEM: Accepted

Warranty: 2years

  • Fixed label automatic memory function:
  • Expand commodity exhibition space
  • Unlike conventional system’s 78-82-85Hz or 150-160-170-180Hz, EST-750 Dual has a unique modulation frequency: 190Hz.
  • Combining with newest generation of DSP electronic board gives a stable performance in every kind of environment.
  • A step blocker prevents children from climbing into the antenna. Antenna  with an integrated poster space, so you can combine anti-theft technology .
  • Attractive design& Minimum thickness to save space:
  • Unique scheme for alarm illumination on the top of the antenna, elegant and high fashion look to any store of classic or modern interior.
  • the TX RX system not afraid of interference with the same
    frequency, faced with the TX RX and MONO system,the equipment itself will not off of work, There is no error reporting due to interference of the same frequency, It will just decrease the sensitivity,But other
    systems will be distracted by the system and won’t work.
  • This Eas RF system is compatible with Checkpoint Tags and Other RF Security Tags.