Item Name:EAS AM Label Deactivator

Item NO.: LRT-101S

TYPE: Controller with 1 pad

Frequency: 58KHZ AM

Detection range: 6-10cm

Function: To deactivate AM (58Khz) label

Usage: anti-shoplifting,loss prevention for retail

OEM: Accepted

Warranty: 2years

The AM 58Khz Label Deactivator is used to deactivate the adhesive AM labels at the point of sale. It has the electronics built into the counter top pad. Accommodating a variety of checkstand configurations, this deactivator can be installed under the counter or conveyor. Once installed a low power transceiver detects a label when it enters the detection area. Once the deactivation signal is sent out, it deactivates the label.

Features and Benefits:

1.Sound and light notification with labe & hard tag

2.Emit deactivate power after label or tag is detected.

3.Won’t be affected by POS system.

4.It can be synchronized with other AM system by software.

5.High strength, wear-resistance, low power, good heat dissipation.

6.Certification: CE

7.USB/RS485: Connect controller with computer

Note: Deactivation will be worst if AM label is parallel with pad.

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