EAS AM Label Deactivator/Soft Tag deactivator pad

The AM 58Khz Label Deactivator With Pad is Used to deactivate the adhesive AM labels at the point of sale. It has the electronics built into the counter top pad. Accommodating a variety of checkstand configurations, this deactivator can be installed under the counter or conveyor. Once installed a low power transceiver detects a label when it enters the detection area. Once the deactivation signal is sent out, it deactivates the label.

Product Specification

Item Name:EAS AM Label Deactivator

Item NO.: LRT-101S

TYPE: Controller with 1 pad

Frequency: 58KHZ AM

Detection range: 8-12cm

Function: To deactivate AM (58Khz) label

Usage: anti-shoplifting,loss prevention for retail

OEM: Accepted

Warranty: 2years

Features and Benefits:

1.Sound and light notification with labe & hard tag

2.Emit deactivate power after label or tag is detected.

3.Won’t be affected by POS system.

4.It can be synchronized with other AM system by software.

5.High strength, wear-resistance, low power, good heat dissipation.

6.Certification: CE

7.USB/RS485: Connect controller with computer

Note: Deactivation will be worst if AM label is parallel with pad.