necessary common sense for purchasing EAS Deactivator

The EAS Deactivator for Eas AM/RF system are mainly used to deactivate the active label when customer check out by the checkout counter in all types of supermalls or supermarkets. It can prevent unnecessary disputes with customers by triggering alarms from pedestals when customer go through the Eas system. But still one question, how should we do to evaluate the performance and effect of EAS deactivator and further more to help the customer to make the right choice for purchasing the EAS verifier?

All in all, the most we need to know is about some aspects or indicators, affecting the performance of deactivator.

1) The deactivating range of deactivator .

One of important aspect to evaluate the deactivator performance is just the deactivating range which usually refers to the maximum reliable distance from the deactivating surface to the soft label . In terms of the convenience for the real operating conditions, the actual deactivating range should cover the whole range above the complete pad surface and it should be workable for label’s different orientation. In general, the maximum deactivating distance is above 10 cm.

2) The speed of deactivating

For the speed of deactivating, we usually indicate it by the reliable deactivating frequency in one minute. If the deactivating speed is lower, it will apparently lower down the working efficiency of your staff in the malls. However, some deactivator is really seemingly deactivating quickly .