How to gain more investment payback from EAS system

AS one of the anti-theft ways to overseeing merchandise, we all have witnessed the power of practicality and operability of Electronic Article Surveillance(EAS) system. While, how to maximize the utilization ratio of the system and to get more payback from the system is still the common and hot topic in this field.

On the condition of without changing the purchase price, there is generally two kinds of ways to enhance the investment payback from EAS system: The practical one is to reduce cost input for the system. For instance, by meeting your basic needs on securing your merchandise, you need to purchase appropriate amounts of EAS devices as well as minimize the expense of maintenance for system, prolong the useful life of relevant accessary and consumables to reach the result of reducing complete cost of EAS system.

Now let us take the am system from Beijing estar as an example to particularly analyze how to practically reducing the cost of system:

Firstly, Choosing appropriate EAS system both on quantity and models

This mainly refers to deploy appropriate pedestal models and pedestals amounts. In that as usual, we always allocate the deactivators and detachers according to the quantity of the POS on the checkout counter and the occasion that arbitrarily reduce or increase the amount of accessories rarely happens in reality. However when we decide which kind of model of pedestals we will deploy and how many pedestals we need to install, Different kinds of projects will give you different answer which always will result in markedly purchase price distinction.

Secondly, decrease the expense of maintaining of all systems

Dropping down the ratio of device malfunction and the probability of maintaining system is one of the practical way to reduce the maintenance expense for all systems. Based on five years’ observation in malls, we can come to the conclusion that if all staff personnel can use the all devices regularly, the ratio of device malfunction will have an obviously going down.

Thirdly, increase the use ratio of all EAS system accessories and consumables

   1)       Based on the common property for the losing and consumption of merchandise, we can work out the using criterion for tags and labels and then regularly review the criterion, notifying and sending to all staffs in relevant department and supervise them to carry it out.

2)       Assuring all staffs have mastered the criterion of using Security Tags and Soft labels. making a random inspection for merchandise unregularly and be acquainted with the performance of the Criterion by workmates in your department to ensure they have been using tags and labels strictly as the criterion. When something unusual happened, we need to strengthen the information exchange to avert the same problem to repeat.

3)       Avert using one more tag or label on the same goods. For every sort of merchandise, we need to assign one fixed staff to the labeling work. When the fixed staff will be long time out of work, they should make an effective work transfer to others.

4)       The recycling and the management of labels and accessory

For all the recycled Security Tags and Soft labels., we should set up a special department to take on the recycling and sorting works for them. And Whoever need to use labels or tags, he needs to register in the special department to get what he need. Only in this way can they avoid internal theft deeds or deserting deeds.