How To Choose AM Anti-theft System Of Degaussing Gear?

Measuring AM anti-theft system is one of the key indicators for effective degaussing range, it is usually expressed as the AM soft labels from the degaussing reliable degaussing range. From the actual use of the convenience and the degaussing range should cover the whole face of the degaussing, and able to combine soft label each position. Usually soft label’s degaussing distance shall not be less than 8cm.
Some degaussing gear, according to degauss prompts signals issued by, maximum degaussing range is quite large, however, acousto-magnetic soft label has not been completely degaussed, remains in the active state, must be closer to the height of the degaussing gear a second degauss. Therefore, we assess the sound magnetic anti-theft system of degaussing range, must pay attention to the degaussing range of reliable and should not be confused by the array of so-called maximum height.
Measured by the usually reliable degaussing times per minute. Degaussing speed test degaussing continuous charge into saturated and completely discharge the length indicator. It determines sound magnetic anti-theft system capacity for degaussing demagnetization in a row. Degaussing speed affect the cashier register efficiency. Some degaussing gear seems to be faster, but it can’t be reliably degaussing, degaussing needs to be repeated is actually affecting the efficient operation of the cashier’s.