Four best anti-theft devices for clothing stores

Clothing as People’s Daily necessities, its sales market trend is:

  • The competitive strength of single store is weakened and the store sales tend to be chain-store.
  • Individual storefront area expands ceaselessly
  • Customer service is constantly humanized, such as setting up customer lounge and fitting room in the store.
  • As the size of a clothing store increases, it may face product security problem.

As the size of a clothing store increases, it may face product security problem.

  1. Shoplifting by customers will increase and losses will be worse if you run into a professional team.
  2. Clerks want to promote sales and prevent theft at the same time,it difficult to do both and will effect the sale, to increase the work tasks of the staff, reduce the staff work mood.Thus reducing the sales performance.
  3. Loss of service, The shop assistant will pay for the damage,Affect work enthusiasm,may case the turnover or the vindictive psychology, and also they will join in the theft team, then appear the phenomenon of internal theft.

Simply look, you can protect your clothing by hiring a good security team and adding staff。But hiring has increased and administrative costs have increased, resulting in lower profits.And no matter how well prepared your employees are, they can’t be 100 percent immune to deception or interference, especially in the hands of experienced shoplifters.

The best solution now is that when you need to protect the store, your security team can better protect the goods by adding anti-theft devices.Let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular devices:

CCTV monitoring

Not only does CCTV act as a deterrent, video recordings of everyday events in stores can be stored.This means that if a theft does occur and you can’t catch the perpetrator, you still have a trace that can be used as evidence if needed.The latest CCTV system integration is based on the human face to set other passenger flow counting system, not only can guard against theft, but also can provide support for the decision of the service store.

EAS electronic security system

The EAS system used by the clothing store mainly consists of anti-theft antenna, anti-theft hard tag and detacher.When a customer brings the clothing with an anti-theft hard tag to the checkout counter, the cashier removes the hard tag at the same time as the check, so that there is no alarm through the inspection antenna at the exit.Conversely, when carrying clothing with a hard tag, the detection antenna will alarm at the exit.

Clothing shop commonly used anti-theft antenna is mainly acrylic antenna, acrylic omni-directional transparent, concise, beautiful, generous, and can be integrated with the store decoration and it is the first choice of clothing store.

Clothing stores as the most special retail presence, the use of clothing security tag must be able to match the clothing.The hard tag in the below is for your reference.

RFID system

A small RFID (radio frequency) chip, let the clothing has a unique “identity card”:Clothing stores only need to scan the electronic tags sewn on the clothes to find the clothing size, price, origin and other information, modern factories will sewn the RFID electronic tags on the clothing, the clothing store can achieve scan storage without open the box when receipt the goods .And it only need to scan to checkout. More conveniently, RFID can be integrated with the clothing tag, which is the common tag on the clothing for the customer’s perception. When the customer comes in and out of the door with the unchecked clothing, the detection antenna on the ceiling of the clothing store will sense and inform the staff by sound and light alarm.

People Counter System

People Counter System mainly via infrared or cameras to catch the body morphology to make passenger flow analysis, Passenger flow statistics system can analyze the purchase rate of the clothing store, the fitting rate, passenger flow concentration time, active day and inactive day, etc. data, and make the data comparison, provide data support to merchants, enable merchant to make the correct marketing method.

If you have enough budget and the management capability to meet it.It’s a good idea to choose as many devices as possible.

A successful clothing store chain, not only in the management of scientific management, but also pay attention to the quality of service in the work.Before install the anti-theft system, due to the increase in customer flow, the staff should not only do well to sell and to prevent the loss of goods, so there is confusion, reduce efficiency, and because of the lack of practical proof, in the face of customer theft behavior can not be effectively solved, so as to cause customer dispute, affect the quality of service.As the anti-theft system is sound and light alarm, the alarm light is on when the customer steal, the normal purchase does not have to prevent the customer, so in reducing the loss of goods to increase work efficiency, improve product services to achieve significant results.