EAS RF System The Composition

What are the EAS RF systems? What is the basic principle?

1, the detection system: the transmitter, receiver, power box composition;

2, electronic tags;

A, decodable label (EAS soft label): suitable for department stores, audio and video, books, etc. (one-time);

B, can not be labeled (EAS hard tags, CD and cigarette protection box): apply to clothing, bags, shoes, milk powder, wine, CD, cigarettes, etc. (reusable)

3, decoder:

A, electronic decoder: soft label can be remote sensing decoding;

B, scan \ decoder: the commodity bar code scanning at the same time to complete the soft label decoding;

C, unlocking: in the cashier on the mechanical hard label from the goods;

Basic principle: the transmitter emits 7.5 ~ 8.5MHz FM signal, resulting in a warning electric field, when the sensor tag into the electric field, that is, produce a resonant trigger alarm.