EAS Anti-theft System Composition

EAS Anti-theft system is determined by the detector, consisting of electronic tags, decoder/unlocking unit.

1, detectors generally consists of transmitter and receiver is composed of two parts. Its basic principle is to use emission antenna will be launched, formed between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna of a scanning area, and within the reception range of the receiving antenna to restore the band received, again using resonance principle of electromagnetic waves to search within a specific range is a valid label, when the effective label is triggered in the region police.

2, eas label whose internal structure is a Lc oscillation circuit installed in a special way on the product, only after a special decoder, the lock can be released. At present, the soft label, electronic tags that appear on the market hard tags, bottle protector, CD/tape protection boxes of milk powder.

3, the decoder is the device soft label failure. At present, the commonly used is the non-contact codec on the market, as long as the 20cm above the salesperson by the label decoder can decode. Decoders can be used with POS cashier laser platform. Unlocking is quick and easy, simply remove hard tag device