Difference Anti-theft Antenna System

Radio frequency systems (Radio Frequency,RF) came out has more than 30 years of history, is one of the early applications of electronic security systems. It uses radio frequency as the system transmitting and receiving signal frequency range 7.x~8.x MHz. Due to the security label for the loop, so many frequencies with a label similar to the coil or electronics will trigger system, causing the system to false positives. And radio frequency system full metal foil shield, pasting stickers near or on metal foil will void the label, cause your system to fail. Maximum advantage of radio frequency system is a system cost is very low. Radio-frequency systems have both hard and soft labels, can protect most of the items in the shopping centre. Distance between two supports cannot be greater than 1.6 m. Radio frequency systems are available in both vertical and channel installation, for the protection of department stores, fashion, supermarkets, and so on. It has a variety of brand products to choose from, and low cost.

Tuning fork resonant only in case oscillate with the same frequency. Acousto-magnetic systems (Acousto Magnetic) is the application of the physical principles, actions that achieve almost zero false positives. Acousto-magnetic systems fixed on the product labels into the system’s detection zone, will resonate, but only in the resonance signal receiver receives four consecutive times (once every 1/50 seconds), the system will issue a warning. Sound magnetic anti-theft system is high detection rates, near-zero false positives, not affected by metal foil shielding, resistance to interference, protect export-width (single system the widest protection 4 m). Acousto-magnetic systems have both hard and soft security label, protection of most types of goods in the shopping centre, and soft small label sizes, can repeat the degaussing, anti-theft source tagging is the preferred technique. eas am system can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, store, video store, grocery stores, drug stores, can also be used in an Office environment.