Beijing Estar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional team with more than 15 years’ experience in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS System) field located in China.

We are working on design, development and manufacture of EAS System, designing to help retailer on anti-theft in their stores. We have been a leading manufacturer in China because of excellent technology, and with dozen years’ dedication, our products have been distributed to over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Beijing Estar has a complete range of EAS main products of which Radio-Frequency (RF) system and Acusto Magnetic (AM) system has been widely used in retail stores, especially apparel stores. Having latest modern design for different vertical market segments, Attractive design and outstanding digital technology make our range of antennas to be the most popular solution on the market for retail security needs.

We also manufacture RFID System, high-quality  Security label and Tag for AM/RF/EM system, Deactivator, EAS accessories and other special tags like Source Tag, Safer, Bottle Tag, and Spider, even some Security display System.

Estar focus on all the technology advantage of international EAS, and years of OEM & ODM experience result in our much better Product Quality Control, fashionable design and selective production process not only to create an effective deterrence to shoplifting but further enhance the design of their unique retail environment and promotion performance.